My COVID Vaccine – A Mini Series!

Follow me and my journey with this vaccine. Every day I upload an episode updating you on my symptoms and progress, with a few news updates as well! Listen now below!

Day 0 – Pre Vaccine – Jan 12th

Pictures of me, recording ^ this episode, excited to get my shot in less than 7hrs!

Day 1 – Jan 12th

This was the day of the vaccine! Pictures of me getting the vaccine, as well as what the line outside of the vaccine location looked like, and my COVID vaccine card!

Here’s a video that discusses the vaccines in depth:


CDC info about the COVID-19 Vaccine

Study published by the CDC on antibody production post-covid

NPR: Moderna Vaccine 95% effective

Vaccine takes a few weeks to be effective completely

Day 3 – Jan 14th

Explaining how the mRNA vaccine works


CDC: Types of vaccines, and how the vaccines work

CDC: How mRNA vaccines work (like the COVID-19 Moderna/Pfizer vaccines)

Antibodies vs. Antigens

FDA: Testing basics

Day 4 – Jan 15th


CNN: Pfizer’s vaccine still remains effective against new strains

CNN: New variant could worsen pandemic

Cuomo confirms UK strain present in New York State

Phase 1a and 1b for NYS

Click below to check if you are eligible for the COVID=19 vaccine in NYS.

Day 5 – Jan 16th


CDC: All about the COVID-19 Vaccines

CNN: COVID reporting US and globally, a summary; vaccine totals

Vaccine Eligibility; NYS

Day 6 – Jan 17th


Fake vaccine reservoir claim by Alex Azar messes up distribution plans for tons of states

COVID Vaccine locations and lesources for NYS residents

How Vaccines Work: CDC

Immune Response to Vaccine: National Institute of Health

See resources above for explanations on COVID vaccine functionality.

Day 7 – Jan 18th

Gov. Cuomo’s breifing on the virus/updates:


Cuomo asks Pfizer to sell vaccines directly to NYS

Positive testing rate for NYS

California struggling with new strain

Day 8 – Jan 19th


Post-COVID immunity study

Pfizer responds to Gov. Cuomo’s request to buy vaccines directly

Chain of infection

Day 10 – Jan 21st

Johnson and Johnson 100M by April

Day 11/12 – Jan 22nd/23rd

News articles for 22nd/23rd

Day 13 – Jan 24th

CNN Articles for Jan 24th

Biden confronts US vaccines woes

US not sure how much vaccine we have

NYS Vaccine Tracker

Day 14/15 – Jan 25th/26th


CNN summary of events Jan 25th, 2021

Astrazeneca approved in the UK for emergency use

Days 16/17 – Jan 27th/28th


CNN summary of events Jan 17th 2021

Mexico “Import Alert” on hand sanitizers

WHO team nearing end of quarantine to begin Wuhan investigation

US starting “mask standards”

WHO advises against pregnant people recieving mRNA vaccine


CNN Summary of event Jan 18th 2021

CNN COVID town hall

Germany’s vaccine commission advising against vaccinating 65+ y/o

Fauci concerned over B.1.351 South African strain

Study suggests that Pfizer vaccine is still effective against South African Strain

WHO team leaves quarantine to begin investigation in Wuhan

80k Americans could die in 3 weeks

Days 18/19 – Jan 29th/30th


Fauci – SA variant a “wake up call”

B.1.1.7 strain going to dominate US and Belgium by march

White house praising stats for vaccine rates

EU Adapting measures to regulate vaccine imports

Vaccine experts says J&Js vaccine almost directly as effective

J&J vaccine shows “almost no safety concern”

NY: Getting 16% more vaccines next week

Days 20/21/22 – Jan 31st-Feb 2nd


CNN Summary updates, Jan 31st, 2021


CNN Summary updates, Feb 1st, 2021


CNN Summary updates, Feb 2nd, 2021

Days 23/24/25 – Feb 3rd-5th


CNN Summary updates, Feb 3rd, 2021

WHO Wuhan investigative team explores laboratory


CNN Summary updates, Feb 4th, 2021

Should you mix vaccines? UK opens up trial.


CNN Summary updates, Feb 5th, 2021

Days 26/27/28 – Feb 6th-8th


“Vaccine progress getting better”


CNN Daily COVID Summary Update


CNN Daily COVID Summary Update

Astrazenica doesn’t work well against the virus – NYT

Dose 2, Day 1 – Feb 9th

Feb 9

Cecily gets their second shot of the Moderna Vaccine, pushing NYC over 1million vaccinations, on Feb 9th, 2021.

Feb 9th CNN Daily COVID Summary update

Dose 2, Day 2

Feb 10th CNN Daily COVID Summary update

Dose 2, Day 3

Feb 11th CNN Daily COVID Summary Update

Double Masking Mandate

Dose 2, Day 4/5

Feb 12/13

Feb 12th COVID News Summary Update

Cuomo’s summary resonse with POTUS and VPOTUS for NYS

Dose 2, Day 6/7

Feb 14/15

Feb 14th CNN COVID News Summary

New Zealand back into lockdown

New Zealand in lockdown

Cuomo’s Controversy

Feb 15th CNN COVID Summary Update

WUHAN Team findings update

Dose 2, Day 8

Feb 16th CNN COVID News Summary Update

FDA COVID news update

Dose 2, Day 9

Feb 17

Dose 2, Day 10

Feb 18th CNN COVID News Summary Update

Dose 2, Day 11/12/13/14

Feb 19th CNN COVID News Summary Update

Feb 21 – Gigi Morse

Feb 22nd CNN COVID News Summary Update

Dose 2, Day 15

Feb 23 CNN COVID News Summary Update

Dose 2, Day 16

Feb 24 CNN COVID News Summary Update

Dose 2, Day 17

Feb 25 CNN COVID News Summary Update

Dose 2, Day 18/19/20

Dose 2, Day 21/22

March 1st CNN COVID Summary Update

March 2nd CNN COVID Summary Update

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